Welcome to Ada Talent Network

Welcome to Ada Digital’s Talent Network! Here you can track the status of your job applications and find psychometric tests that we might ask you to do as part of the recruitment process.

At Ada Digital we are proud to say that we work with an agile recruitment process. This means that it will differ a bit every time you apply for a job. But one thing is the same every time and that is that you are anonymous in the first stages of our selection process, when you actively have apply for a job. Our recruiters can’t see your age, gender, name, background or how you look.

That way they are objective during the first stages of candidate selection, and not affected by bias. It is not until later in the recruitment process, that our recruiters can access your complete job application. That way their only focus is to look for your potential, motivation and skills.

If you want to track the status of your job application, please log in and follow your application in real time.