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Start your career in IT at SEB Start your career in IT at SEB

Start your career in IT at SEB

Employer SEB
Location Stockholm
Job category Tech
Last application day 2021-11-06
Career opportunities Career opportunities
New tech New tech
Fitness stipend Fitness stipend
Work from home Work from home

Would you like to work with the latest technology within IT and banking? Kick-start your career by joining SEB’s Tech Programme!

As a fresh graduate, or early career IT professional, this is a unique opportunity to develop into a tech specialist at one of the largest IT employers in Sweden!

SEB’s Tech Programme offers you an accelerated start to a long-term career within SEB. Right from the beginning, you will step into a specific position in an exciting technical field. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to build a valuable network, engage in cross-collaboration activities and help us solve real business challenges. Not bad, right?

The next programme start is in September 2022, the positions for which will be filled during the winter/spring of 2022 – so we welcome your application today!


SEB´s Tech Programme is a unique opportunity for those who want to develop within IT in a modern and dynamic organisation.

We offer you:

  • A six-month career program in Tech, designed for both immediate and long-term professional and personal development at SEB
  • Exciting roles as developer within Java, .NET, Python and API´s; Data Engineer; Automatic Test Engineer; Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Real business challenges to solve with other participants in the Trainee and Tech programmes, where you can create value and make a difference for SEB´s business and organisation
  • After completing the program, the goal is to offer you a full-time position in the role you have been recruited to.


The programme starts in September 2022 and runs for six months. You belong to a home unit from the start and will have a designated tutor to help you get started in your role as a specialist within one of the bank´s prioritised tech fields. The main purpose with the programme is to help you learn a professional role and develop into a tech specialist in areas such as Java, .NET, Python, API´s, Big Data, Cloud, Automatic testing and Agile Process Development.

To find out more about the programme and the available positions, visit the programme site: https://sebgroup.com/sv/karriar/vem-ar-du/nyexaminerade-och-studenter/tech-program


We are looking for people who can challenge us in our digital journey and who are curious to work with us at SEB. We are looking for you who:

  • A degree in IT, Engineering or equivalent
  • Have graduated before programme start or within the last five years
  • It is meritorious if you have some work experience within IT
  • Are fluent in written and spoken English (Swedish is also required for some, but not all, of the roles)

We are looking for someone who is comfortable in an innovative environment and able to take their own initiative to make an impact and difference. Since you will work a lot with different colleagues, it is important that you are communicative and driven by teamwork.

Welcome to SEB!


It is our fundamental belief that inclusion and diversity is crucial for our future success. We strive to have an inclusive, value-driven culture where employees feel valued, respected and involved irrespective of who they are, what they believe or where they come from. Learn more about working at SEB at www.sebgroup.com/career

Find out more about the other positions and the Tech Programme here: https://sebgroup.com/sv/karriar/vem-ar-du/nyexaminerade-och-studenter/tech-program


SEB collaborates with Ada Digital in this recruitment process. Ada Digital are recruitment specialists in unbiased and competency based recruitment and helps SEB do a neutral and fair selection. You apply to the job by adding your CV or LinkedIn profile at Ada Digital´s application form, no personal letter is needed. Please notice that applications via e-mail is not accepted. The application period is open until January the 23rd. If you have any questions, please contact the recruiter.


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